Notes And Things

The Album
From Where We Stand
The Prospect Before Us
The Albion Dance Band
Uncle Bernard's / Jenny Lind (3:48)
The Hunt Is Up (1:53)
Varsovinna (2:49)
Masque (1:00)
Huntsman's Chorus (4:33)
Minuet (2:05)
Wassail Song (2:35)
Picking of Sticks / The Old Mole (3:14)
Merry Sherwood Rangers (3:21)
La Sexte Estampie Real (1:50)
I Wish I Was Single Again (3:44)
The Whim (3:28)
Hopping Down in Kent (2:46)
Horse's Brawl (3:42)
On Christmas Night All Christians Sing (3:34)
Merry Sherwood Rangers (single version) (3:05)
The Prospect Before Us
Other People's Prospects
Hopping Down In Kent
Hidden English
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Notes And Things
The Back Cover

Books by Norman Thelwell

Angels on Horseback (1957)
Thelwell Country (1959)
Thelwell in Orbit (1961)
A Leg at Each Corner (1962)
Thelwell's Riding Academy (1963)
Top Dog (1964)
Drawing Ponies (1966)
Up the Garden Path (1967)
Thelwell's Compleat Tangler (1967)
Thelwell's Book of Leisure (1968)
This Desirable Plot (1970)
The Effluent Society (1971)
Penelope (1972)
Three Sheets in the Wind (1973)
Belt Up (1974)
A Plank Bridge by a Pool (1978)
A Millstone Round My Neck (1981)
Pony Calvalcade (1981)
Some Damn Fool's Signed the Rubens Again (1982)
Penelope Rides Again (1988)
The Cat's Pyjamas (1992)
Magnificat (2002)

makes 'er Mum and Dad proud
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originally published 1957

this edition: March 1999

originally published 1981

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