The Hunt Is Up (1:53)

The Album
From Where We Stand
The Prospect Before Us
The Albion Dance Band
Uncle Bernard's / Jenny Lind (3:48)
The Hunt Is Up (1:53)
Varsovinna (2:49)
Masque (1:00)
Huntsman's Chorus (4:33)
Minuet (2:05)
Wassail Song (2:35)
Picking of Sticks / The Old Mole (3:14)
Merry Sherwood Rangers (3:21)
La Sexte Estampie Real (1:50)
I Wish I Was Single Again (3:44)
The Whim (3:28)
Hopping Down in Kent (2:46)
Horse's Brawl (3:42)
On Christmas Night All Christians Sing (3:34)
Merry Sherwood Rangers (single version) (3:05)
The Prospect Before Us
Other People's Prospects
Hopping Down In Kent
Hidden English
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Notes And Things
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A tune for dancing known as early as the first part of the 16th century. The verses sunge here come from the time of Henry VIII. A “hunt's up” came to be the name given to any tune intended to arouse in the morning. The old Christmas good luck visiting custom in Cumberland, Westmoreland and the Isle of Man was known as “hunsupping”, doubtless due to the combination of music, cacophany and the unsociable hours of the visit.

Oh Dear...
INorman Thelwell

I’m sorry Mrs.Chadwick but
when your daughter fell at
the double oxer, I’m afraid
she broke a leg.”

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