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Hidden English

The Album
From Where We Stand
The Prospect Before Us
The Albion Dance Band
Uncle Bernard's / Jenny Lind (3:48)
The Hunt Is Up (1:53)
Varsovinna (2:49)
Masque (1:00)
Huntsman's Chorus (4:33)
Minuet (2:05)
Wassail Song (2:35)
Picking of Sticks / The Old Mole (3:14)
Merry Sherwood Rangers (3:21)
La Sexte Estampie Real (1:50)
I Wish I Was Single Again (3:44)
The Whim (3:28)
Hopping Down in Kent (2:46)
Horse's Brawl (3:42)
On Christmas Night All Christians Sing (3:34)
Merry Sherwood Rangers (single version) (3:05)
The Prospect Before Us
Other People's Prospects
Hopping Down In Kent
Hidden English
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Notes And Things
The Back Cover

a related album

Hidden English
A Celebration of English Traditional Music
Various Artists

Topic Records TSCD 600 (CD, UK, 1996)

Compiled by John Howson, Ian Anderson and Tony Engle
Produced in association with Folk Roots magazine and
Veteran Tapes

1. Joseph Taylor: Brigg Fair (0:31)
2. Bob & Ron Cooper: The Sweet Primeroses (2:15)
3. Walter Bulwer, Billy Cooper, Daisy Bulwer, Reg Hall, Mervyn Plunkett, Russell Wortley: Red Wing Polka (2:24)
4. Walter Pardon: Broomfield Hill (4:21)
5. William Kimber: Getting Upstairs / Blue-Eyed Stranger (2:59)
6. Louise Fuller: Hopping Down in Kent (2:03)
7. George “Pop” Maynard: Polly on the Shore (4:56)
8. Billy Bennington: The Pony Trot Polka (2:29)
9. Cyril Poacher: The Nutting Girl (2:03)
10. Billy Pigg: The Morpeth Rant (1:11)
11. Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany (3:18)
12. Jasper Smith: Died for Love (1:50)
13. Scan Tester, Reg Hall, Daisy Sherlock: Jenny Lind Polka (1:46)
14. Bob Hart: Australia (2:01)
15. Johnny Doughty: The Golden Vanity (3:10)
16. Oscar Woods: Oh, Joe the Boat Is Going Over (1:56)
17. Harry Cox: The Maid of Australia (3:33)
18. Fred Jordan: The Outlandish Knight (5:18)
19. Tintagel and Boscastle Players: Boscastle Breakdown (5:18)
20. Tom Willett: While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping (3:37)
21. Eely Whent: Two Step (1:49)
22. Bob Roberts: The Candlelight Fisherman (1:33)
23. Sam Larner: The Bold Princess Royal (3:41)
24. Bob Cann: Hot Punch / Uncle's Jig (3:59)
25. Joseph Taylor: Lord Bateman (2:06)

Hidden English. 1996 [click for larger image]
Topic Records TSCD 600 (CD, UK, 1996)

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